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New Status Video – Download Hindi Whatsapp Status Video

WhatsApp has made a new twist to social media by introducing the 24 hour WhatsApp Status Video. Through this, WhatsApp has now transformed itself from a mere messaging app to a virtual social media platform. It is one place where you can post new status video whenever you want and these videos last on your timeline for exactly 24 hours, after which it self-destructs automatically.

What New Status Video is all about?

Video are plentiful on the internet. What makes New Status Video different is the fact that we collate videos from a variety of sources so that you can always choose the right video for your status. This website gathers videos from many sources- Bollywood Comedy Video, Comedy Video, Entertainment video, Hindi Song Video, Guajarati Status Video and so on.

These New status video are a medium for people to celebrate life, to share bits of joy in an otherwise unceremonious world. Students who are deeply engrossed in their studies can enjoy a bit of entertainment with these short video not only provide them comic relief but also help them get refreshed from their rigorous study regiments. This website has also been designed to be a godsend for travellers or people who are waiting for something; they can view the latest Comedy Video and pass their time effectively.

The various New Status Video available on this website are carefully collated after ensuring that there is full quality check for the videos. Care is taken that there are no videos that are disrespectful, disparaging or hurts anybody’s or any community’s feelings.

Here, you have the best entertainment for yourself and your friends so that you can entertainment them through WhatsApp Status Video, Hindi Status Video or Comedy Status Video. This is a website that collates information for you so that you can build a reputation amongst your friends for the best Status Video out there.

We also encourage you to help us in this endeavour. If you want to suggest a video to be uploaded to this site, you can share a link if we will get free to take this then we will add.