About Us for New Status Video

NewStatus Videos is a project started by a group of friends who could not find good enough videos for their Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and WhatsApp status Videos. This website, owned and operated by Raj Parsaniya helps people like them to express their feelings using the right status videos online. All that needs to be done is to log onto this website, select the category and download and set the video of your choice. All this takes just a few minutes and you can impress your friends and colleagues with the best status videos online using New Status Videos.

The following are the people without whom this website wouldn’t have been possible

Raj Parsaniya

Owner and Operator, SEO expert

Divyesh Bhakhar

Web Developer

Vivek Trada

Graphic Designer

Abizar Attari

Content Writer

Note :

This website is completely independently run. It has no business or any other kinds of links whatsoever with social media websites. This website is purely for entertainment purposes and all the written content here is copyrighted.