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New Videos for Love, Romantic, Sad and Bollywood WhatsApp Status

Getting the right status Videos is now an easy task. All that needs to be done is to now log on to this website and choose your favourite WhatsApp status which gets you the best videos at the best time. You can now have the best options available to you with this catalogue where you can get the best video status at any time which you can post to your Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or SnapChat statuses.

In this new age of instant communication, people want just don’t want to talk to their friends at their beck and call, they want to know what their mood is at any particular time. This is where New Status Videos comes into picture. The videos that you post to your status give your contacts a reason to have a good idea of what you are thinking and how your status videos can help to lighten up their moods.

New Whatsapp Status Video

The status video that you post should be a part of your personality it should reflect what you do, how you think. If you are a fun loving person, a comedy video would look the best, for someone obsessed with movies, a movie clip would do wonders while for others a simple song based video would do the job.

Getting the right video according to your mood is now extremely easy with New Status Videos, given the large collection of videos that have been posted specifically for this purpose. A short video is always appreciated, people will always remember them. In fact many studies have proven the fact that people remember things better if it is depicted pictorially rather than plain old boring text. Here is where New Status Videos will be a great help to you, you will be able to express your feelings, your personality through a short Status Video that everyone will enjoy to watch.