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It is always said, laughter is the best medicine. It is no wonder that comedy movies are so popular-after a hard day at work, everyone wants to open up and laugh a little. Whenever we see these movies, we always remember some of the comedy scenes, these Bollywood comedy videos are now available to you online to post on your Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram or WhatsApp status Videos so that you can now let all of your friends have a little laugh whenever they view your New Bollywood Status Video.

Comedy is only one of the two main genres for which Bollywood is so famous for. Everybody loves to have a laugh, especially after working long hours at work and dealing with difficult colleagues, a laugh at the end of the day not only lightens up the mood but also helps a person to forget all the challenges that he is facing currently, albeit only for a limited period of time.

New Bollywood Comedy Status Videos

We all have our favorite Bollywood films, especially a Bollywood comedy film which has some of the best Bollywood comedy videos. These comedy clips are those parts of the film which made the movie memorable. Whenever you would talk to your friends about the movie you would do so about the comedy scenes which made you laugh.

Now, with New Status Videos, you can revisit those funny videos and let your friends also get entertained with them by keeping it as a Status Video. New Status Videos always keeps updating the website with many new Bollywood comedy videos that you can keep your status videos for the best results. Whenever anyone will laugh at the videos you post, they will remember you for the awesome videos that you have posted and will share it even further.