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Gujarati Status Video New Gujarati WhatsApp Status Video Song

Gujarati songs and videos are very popular amongst people in Western India. They bring alive the culture and traditions of the people of Gujarat in particular. New Status Videos understands this and has made sure that the best collections of videos are there for you so that you can always surprise your friends with the best Gujarati WhatsApp Status.

Gujarati is not only a regional language, it is a language that has a regional, national and worldwide appeal, especially due to the large Indian Diaspora settled in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and other countries. Gujarati status videos help such people to connect with their roots, to relive their language, their culture and their homeland. The Gujarati language is one which is best known to be heard all across the world in many places with a large Indian population, even more than Hindi, Punjabi or other Indian or South Asian languages.

Gujarati Status Video Song

With these Gujarati video, New Status Video aims to help revive the Gujarati language, which has of late been overshadowed by the immense popularity of mainstream Bollywood Hindi songs which see nationwide appeal. Gujarati WhatsApp videos can help to familiarize people about the various Gujarati songs and plays that are going on currently along with the Gujarati film songs that are also getting popular alongside. .

With your small efforts, we all can ensure that we popularise gujarati among the gujarati Indian diaspora around the world. No doubt, the Gujaratis here in Gujarat are sure to use Gujarati status Videos to express their local identities but a lot more needs to be done at the international level to ensure that the children of Gujarati NRIs do not forget the culture of their motherland.

With NewStatusVideo you can do your bit to popularise the Gujarati language, culture and film industry among your friends and relatives through your Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or SnapChat status Videos.