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Punjabi songs are popular all across the world due to the large Punjabi diaspora settled in countries like Canada, the US and Australia. Additionally, the Punjabi language is common to the Punjab region straddling India and Pakistan. New Status Videos brings to you some of the best Punjabi Status Videos which you can download from the site whenever you need to.

One of the most prosperous regions of India, Punjab has seen mass migrations since generations, with many of the Punjabi populations settling across the world in places as far as Canada, Australia, UK, South Africa, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and many other places. These people want to connect with their homeland and Punjabi Status Videos helps them to do that. New Status Videos regularly posts Punjabi videos of songs and dance sequences which can be posted to your Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat or WhatsApp Status Video. Whoever from your contacts views these videos can then remember you with these songs and videos. Now, whether you are a young village boy living in rural Punjab or a cosmopolitan Indian/Pakistani Punjabi living in Canada, you can express your culture with the best Punjabi status Videos only with New Status Videos.

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Punjabi music has been made popular by Bollywood for quite some time now. Many songs and movies are based in Punjab, where Punjabi is mixed with Hindi to give great promotion to the Punjabi language. There are also many Punjabi singers and actors who have acted in Bollywood movies further popularising Punjabi traditions across the country. However, for many of the people in the Punjabi Diaspora who are thousands of miles away from Punjab, Punjabi Status Videos are one way to connect with the Punjabi culture abroad. There can also be a lot of .