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New Sad Love Whatsapp Status Video Online

There are a lot of times when we feel let down- the love of your life may have ditched you, you may have been reprimanded from your boss for a mistake that you did not even commit or you may unintentionally done something that may have caused you great loss. A sad Status Video posted on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or WhatsApp can help you to get moral support from your friends and family. As it is rightly said, sharing happiness spreads the happiness, sharing sadness spreads it evenly and eventually everyone forgets about it.

Bollywood has its share of sad songs which are extremely popular. Whenever something is bothering you and you listen to these songs you can relate to them and remember how the protagonists in the songs had the reason to be sad and how they overcame it. A sad status Video about it can do wonders to motivate you and take the help of your friends and relatives who will provide you with the moral support for the same.

Sad Love Hindi Status Video Song

Sadness is only a simple phase of life, it will pass away when you have the courage to face it and do something worth your while to overcome it. No outside power can help you, it is you and you alone who has to take this test and pass it with flying colours. A sad status Video taken from New Status Videos can help you tell your friends and relatives that you are going through a bad phase in life and that they can help you in whatever way they can.

With this wide variety of sad songs from New Status Videos, you would never need to go anywhere else whenever you are feeling let down. Expressing sadness is now just a few clicks away.